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Raumfeld is an innovative audio streaming brand that started out as a Berlin start-up in 2008 with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing music listening. From 2009 onwards, the company has been creating audio systems based on its proprietary software. Raumfeld's innovative technology makes it possible to enjoy the highest quality of music streaming throughout the home. Central to the Raumfeld system is the free Raumfeld App with which all multi-room streaming functionality can be intuitively controlled. Raumfeld’s inclusive system includes a range of streaming services and internet radio. The system can also access private digital collections stored on NAS or UPnP and USB devices. Even analog sources such as record players can be connected via the Wi-Fi speakers’ phono inputs and restreamed to other players in the network. Many awards and commendations underscore the quality of the system’s design, build, functionality and – of course – sound. Raumfeld is a sister company of Teufel Audio (www.teufelaudio.com). The Berlin manufacturer’s over 35 years’ experience creating quality loudspeakers is translated into Raumfeld’s own premium audio hardware. The coming together of sophisticated software and high-quality loudspeaker construction results in seamless multi-room streaming with hi-fi playback.

Good sound always rises to the top

Multi-award winning Raumfeld Wi-Fi speakers. Awesome sound
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What we offer!

As a Raumfeld affiliate partner, you’ll benefit from our direct sales model: You’ll be able to promote the entire Raumfeld portfolio from one speaker solutions to imposing floor-standing speakers – all with the ability to stream lossless digital audio and play it back in hi-fi sound quality. The Raumfeld attribution model makes it possible to offer our affiliate partners a fair remuneration based on their actual contributions. Affiliates are paid each time their advertising materials are a point of contact in a customer journey that concludes in a sale. You as an affiliate partner will receive 8% of the proportionate shopping cart value that can be attributed to you. In addition, we pay 2.50 EUR for every newly generated email address confirmed by double opt-in. The amount is paid after the user clicks on the confirmation link in the double opt-in email he or she receives and then opens the confirmation page on raumfeld.com, thereby concluding the confirmation process.

Facts & Figures zum Shop

  • Payment is determined according to Raumfeld's own attribution model
  • 8% commission is paid on the proportionate shopping cart value of a sale that is attributable to youn
  • 2.- GBP fixed amount per valid email address
  • Custom coupon codes, product deals available upon request
  • An average shopping cart value of over 300 EUR
  • An international affiliate program: DE, SE, UK (AT, CH, & NL coming soon)

Facts & Figures zum Programm

  • A direct sales model allows us to offer an unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 8 week return period = 8 week at-home listening trial
  • Direct customer contact (no middleman) = excellent service
  • Fast Shipping

The commission is paid after the 8 week return period for the corresponding sale is concluded. The return period begins once the goods are delivered. For this reason, the confirmation period for commissions is among the longest permitted. We do our utmost, however, to avoid delivery delays and any resultant postponements of commission payments beyond 9 weeks.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lisa-Marie Schiefer
Online Marketing Manager
030 – 300 930 419
Lisa Schiefer Raumfeld