Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting your affiliate program up and running with zoobax is simple.

1. Sign Up with zoobax

The first step for any software as a service is to sign up for your own account. During this process you will choose your account name and provide your company information. After signing up you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials, and an account representative will follow up with you shortly.

2. Implement Tracking Code

Once you have signed up you can log in and pull your tracking code. zoobax tracks real user conversions (sales/leads) by relying on a tracking code that must be placed on the “thank you” or “conversion” page of your shop. If you sell a product, that means you need to place this tracking code on the page that confirms a sale. In case oyu want to track customer journey, you then need to implement a generic tag on all pages of your website. You can find a detailed documentation in your account.

3. Customize your affiliate program

The next step is to customize your affiliate program. Set up commissions for your publishers. You can create multiple commission schemes, as well as different commissions for different products.Upload banners and or a product feed.

4. Invite Publishers and start

Once you have customized your program you can start generating sales. Invite publishes to your program by either selecting from the wide range of zoobax publisher base, or send your publishers a sign up link.