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What distinguishes zoobax from other performance marketing networks?

We help advertisers, publishers and agencies to adapt a transparent and fair approach in performance marketing.

With zoobax you are able to track every network you work with (like zanox, CJ, affilinet), connect your Top Partners, include any other marketing channnel such as SEA, Newsletter, etc. measure your customer journey, evaluate all channels in a consistent way and consequently run successfull performance marketing campaigns.

Empowering advertisers, agencies and media buyers to measure, analyze, and optimize their performance marketing campaigns—in real time.
We know performance.

Our Features

Attribution Analytics

Better results through attribution

Private Network

Set up a private affiliate network.

Customer Journey Analysis

Track the whole customer journey

Faster Payouts

We pay publishers up to 4x a month.

Voucher Tracking

With the unique voucher tool we track any redeemed voucher and can apply a different commission for each tracked voucher.

Split Commission

Split commission for a unique sale across multiple publishers

Lead Campaigns

CPL Campaigns

2 Way API

We offer a full two Way API. Advertisers can not only pull information via Web Services, but can also upload data.

and more...

We track and evaluate each touch point for each unique sale including non affiliate touchpoints. This allows advertisers to pay commission based on the actual added value. Publishers can earn money without being the last click before purchase.
zoobax comes with a perfect voucher tracking solution that enables advertisers to grant a different commission on voucher sales.
Our goal is to make affiliate marketing as much transparent as possible. Clicks, Views, Touchpoints, Customer Journey, Sales are displayed in a unique transparent way.
zoobax is a white-labeled software for networks, agencies, or internal media buyers to manage performance advertising programs for online and mobile offers. With zoobax you can create the perfect publisher/affiliate program for your business, designed to meet your performance objectives. Beyond attribution, zoobax provides complete management features and billing systems as well as a full two-way API for developing custom solutions. Create your own performance ad network with zoobax.

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